The Journey Begins

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Hello and welcome to Dreamweaver Books, a platform to share locally printed books designed with consideration for the environment using 100% recycled paper and ecological printing techniques.

Our content seeks to inspire, educate and enrich life. Our collaborators are forces for good, creators with purpose expressing from the heart.

Dreamweaver’s first book, is a children’s story about a polar bear called Snowflake who gets lost during a snowstorm and has to set out on a journey to find his family and friends. His tale has him face his fears and grow…

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 14.31.15Besides a tale written in rhyming prose, fun and easy to read for parents and children, this illustrated storybook is an education tool; evoking empathy for our world’s endangered creatures, awareness of climate change and tells the story of the awakening heart.

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Each book will plant at least one tree as we collaborate with Tree Sisters UK Charity to support global reforestation and women’s empowerment. What Dreamweaver’s find important. It’s a small step in the direction we wish to go.

Stay tuned for more updates on when Snowflake the Last Lost Polar Bear will be available to buy.

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